WataMote: Tomoko Kuroki Papercraft


Tomoko Kuroki is the lead protagonist of No Matter How I Look At It, It's You Guys Fault I'm Not Popular! ("WataMote"). Socially inept and often desperate, the series chronicles her various attempts to try to be more popular at her school. Papercraft from kizou_WE.

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  1. Unknow , yo descargué la imagen que subieron en twitter, ya que el link que compartieron ya no está para descargar.

  2. Y muchas gracias por compartir este Paper Model, Tomoko pase lo que pase, no triunfa su mal, pero no a todos nos sale hcerlo ;)

    And thank you very much for sharing this Paper Model, Tomoko whatever happens, her evil does not triumph, but not all of us do it ;)

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