Attack on Titan: Levi Ackerman Paperized


Levi Ackerman, often formally referred to as Captain Levi, is one of the main protagonists of the anime/manga series Attack on Titan. He is the squad captain of the Special Operations Squad within the Survey Corps and is widely known as humanity's strongest soldier. Papercraft from Paperized Crafts.

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  1. RuanBoy says:

    I just finished the anime, and I was thinking: "i wonder if there is a Attack on Titan in Papercraft.." AND HERE IT IS!! Thank you so much for all your work. Love every single one of them!

    Greetings from Brazil ! <3

  2. jasmin says:

    hii i love ur papercrafts but could u make a hanji zoe one please?

  3. Unknown says:

    please one of hange

  4. Absolutely love it ,Please also do classroom of the Elite characters

  5. Unknown says:

    SOOO COOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pls someday do assassination classroom.
    Thx so much for this awesomeness!

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