Sengoku Basara: Date Masamune Papercraft


Date Masamune is a fictional videogame character from Capcom's popular action game franchise, Sengoku BASARA, first introduced in the 2005 video game Sengoku BASARA. In the North American and European versions, he is known as a warrior named Azure Dragon, but retained his original name in the series' third title. As with most Sengoku BASARA characters, Masamune was loosely based on Japanese historical figure Date Masamune. Capcom created this fictional version of him in order to show an appeal based on the character's dragon motifs inherited from the real Date Masamune. Additionally, Masamune's design was intended show a major contrast with the one of the other protagonists from the series, Sanada Yukimura. Despite initial mixed reactions to Masamune's designs based on him wielding six swords at once, critics praised the characterization of Masamune in both the games and anime series based on multiple traits. Papercraft created by Yoshiyoshi.

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