Pokemon: Guzzlord / Ub-05 Gluttony Papercraft


Guzzlord is a large, dangerous Pokémon and is one of the Ultra Beasts. It has a large mouth right at the center of its belly, with several sharp fangs on the top and bottom jaw. Its insides are blue and within is a black tongue, along with several spikes. It has a small opening to the rest of its innards. It has two small arms located on the top of its head and has three digits with yellow claws. What appear to be a pair of large pincers are in fact extensions of its tongue, used to grab and consume anything or anyone nearby. Two small openings at the ends of its mouth allow these tongue-pincers to remain extended even when its mouth is closed. Papercraft created by Javierini and assembled by Pikachitoo from Jav-Papercraft.

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