Initial D : Fujiwara Tofu Shop Paper Paperized


Initial D : Fujiwara Tofu Shop Paper Diorama

I always want to make a Diorama, but I couldn't think of something that's worth making for my first piece. Until I saw my scale model of Toyota Trueno (AE86), then I remembered the Anime Initial D and I thought maybe its a good idea to make a diorama scene of the series. After searching the web for references, I saw the famous Fujiwara Tofu Shop really exists, yes the shop where Takumi lives. Sadly the Tofu Shop was demolished due to urban redevelopment project back in 2010. After learning it was gone, I decided to make a tribute to the famous Fujiwara Tofu Shop.

As always, my goal is to make it simple and small that can fit on your desktop or shelf and will not occupy a lot of space. The papercraft's size is about 3 inches in width and about 2 inches in height and you only need one sheet of paper.

Have fun building and thank you for supporting Paperized Crafts.

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