Squid Game: Circle Pink Soldier Papercraft


Pink Soldiers are the workers that keep the contestants of Squid Game at all times. There are three types of Pink Soldiers in Squid Game; Circle, Triangle and Square. Papercraft designed and created by Paperized Crafts.

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  1. langa and reki pleaseeee

  2. viktor turi and yurio pleaseeeee

  3. Isa says:

    Kazutora pleasee

  4. kazutora es horrible no merece estar en paperized

  5. kisaki todavia pero kazutora noooo

  6. Unknown says:

    yu-gi-oh characters please

  7. Unknown says:


  8. Unknown says:

    por favor hagan a los protagonistas de squid game, y mas personajes de jojo's :c

  9. soramafuursaka plsssssssss

  10. @sorairo says:

    I also like Genshin Impact, but ArkNights please. . . . . . .

  11. Unknown says:

    como es que se imprime :v

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