Mononoke: Medicine Seller / Kusuriuri Paperized


Mononoke is a Japanese animated television series produced by Toei Animation. A spin-off of 2006's horror anthology series Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales, Mononoke follows the character of the medicine seller as he continues to face a myriad of supernatural perils. Mononoke takes place during the Edo Period Japan with the four class system, Samurai being the highest class and merchants (such as the medicine seller himself) being in the lowest class. Only Samurai were permitted to carry swords, which is why it comes as a shock to many of the characters that the medicine seller would be carrying a sword. Papercraft designed and created by Paperized Crafts.

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  1. Hello, Paulo,

    Your models are each time better. Great idea the acessories. How about more classical anime characters, such as Gibli studio, etc?

    Is a pleasure and a hononr have you as friend!

    Greetings from Brazil to Philippines!


  2. El boticario!
    thank You! :3

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